Welcome to BEEBOOSHKA!  I am so VERY glad you came by!  If you love Hats & Accessories, THIS certainly is the place!




Every item is hand made of beautiful re-purposed fabrics, which were originally bought and loved and worn as something

wonderful, by discerning people of taste and refinement. Some stylish and elegant person loved each of them before I did.

Next, after a season or two of being the stars at many social engagements, they were kindly donated to lovely 2nd-hand shops,

where I purchased them because I fell in love with them... for their beauty, their textures, their colors, their embellishments. 

Then, I spread them all out and admired them:  Cashmeres. Silks. Merinos. Lambswools. Cottons. Ramies.  Velvets.  Linens.

 Plushes. Furs. Knits. Crochets. Damasks. Weaves. Jacquards. Embroideries. Ribbons. Ruffles. Fringes. Beadings. Buttons. Braids.

And then I played.  And chose each element to design and construct a unique, one-of-a-kind item:  a Hat, a Cloche, a Toque,

a Beret, a Beignet, a Beanie,  a Cap, a Chapeau,  a Cowl,  a Scarf,  a Muff,  Gauntlets,  Cuffs,  Boot Toppers  or  Fingerless Gloves.

Then, I lined them with soft non-allergenic linings, hand-finished and embellished each as the item declared its desire for

more, or less embellishment.  And I fell in love with each and every one of them, as one tends to do pretty things one creates.

Each creation is a bricolage of disparate but harmonious elements.  I make them as my heart desires:  to play, to relax,

to renew my spirit, to have fun, to create something useful and beautiful that might bless a life with a spot of luxury and joy. 

It gives ME joy, and is cheaper than therapy.  And think of it!  Where else can you satisfy so many needs at once?  To better the

world by wearing such wonderful adornments!  To make yourself, or whomever you might give one as a gift, very happy.

How GLORIOUS it is to buy a new HAT!  To look Fabulous.  To help deserving charities.  To be green.  To save the planet ! 

I hope you'll find some to your liking, and come back again and again.  I will continue to add more and more beautiful things.

Beautiful Fabrics